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This is some of the feedback Hop, Skip and Sing has received.

I really enjoy the structure of classes and children learning properly about different musical skills. Think you are a fantastically skilled teacher. Great ability to keep kids (and parents!) on task in a fun way without being too harsh or collapsing into chaos. My daughter loves singing and tapping out rhythms all of the time and Hop, Skip and Sing is definitely responsible for this. She is really good at listening and following instructions in the class, it really holds her attention. Thank you so much.

Rachel Guest and Beatrice

I and Jed really liked your group as it was a real mixture of new songs and ones we knew and there was no backing tape, so it was much more natural. The children all loved the drums – I feel very lucky that Jed had some experience of your music.

Milly Walker and Jed

I enjoy every minute of these sessions (so does Mia!). I think it represents excellent value for money of all the groups / activities that I have done with Mia, this has definitely been the most enjoyable and worthwhile. I think it will be very hard to find something as good to replace it during your maternity leave!

Sarah-Jane Gostling and Mia

I enjoyed singing other songs rather than the usual nursery rhymes and seeing my son's happy face when Eliza plays the recorder.

Stephanie Schmitt and Kieran

What we enjoyed most was the "unaccompanied singing, strong emphasis on rhythm, babies allowed to play and wander without rules! was great that the different aged babies/children could all enjoy the same class".

Katherin Tivader and Sammy

"I really enjoy you playing the drum and this is definitely Uma’s favourite part, she was concentrating so hard today on rocking to the drum. I notice she does this at home to music that grabs her attention. I love the canon singing too, you lead this so well. I am always scared of doing it but you’ve given me the confidence to have a go. I look forward to signing Uma up to your term sessions. I’ll have a little musical genius by the end of next year!"

Shirley McDermott, Preschool Music Leader (

Friendly, enjoyable, fun, great group. Good variety. Well structured.

Rebecca Doman and Alfie

What we enjoyed most was "Everything! Singing with James, moving and dancing. Probably the favourite thing was the scarves at the end. Thanks so much - it's our favourite time of the week!"

Sarah Hagglund and James

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