Hop, Skip and Sing - Music Education for All

Come and sing with your baby!

 'Thula Mama' is a singing group designed to nurture the needs of mums as well as their babies. Unlike a traditional baby singing group where children learn the songs, at ‘Thula Mama’ it is the mothers who sing, having fun while learning to sing with each other in harmony.

We learn simple songs - lullabies, nursery songs, chants and songs from around the world in beautiful a capella harmony. No previous singing experience is necessary.   

I have no Thula Mama group running at home this term but Mums and little babies are more than welcome at my daytime choir on Wednesdays at 10am - 11.30.

We meet at Glastonbury's Red Brick Building.  You are welcome to come along and have a try.We sing lots of soothing songs for little ones and the group is a friendly mix of mums and babes and community singers.
Cost is £5 sign up/ £7 drop in per mum and babe.
Please call or email me for more details

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