Hop, Skip and Sing - Music Education for All
Daytime Singers

We will start back on Wednesday 9th January and the term will run until Wednesday 3rd April with a break on Wednesday 20th February.

For all people out there who would like to sing in a friendly relaxed group who might perform occasionally (if members wish to) our day time choir runs on Wednesday mornings at Glastonbury's Red Brick Building. Please join us with or without your children/grandchildren if you enjoy singing and would like to sing in a group with others. 

The group meets from 10-11.30 and we sing a mix of songs from around the world in simple 3 and 4 part harmony. All songs are taught by ear with a smile and there is no requirement to read music, though you might find yourself learning to read it!  If you tell me that you can't sing I will not believe you; the choir will give your ears plenty of practise and you will be amazed by the sound that we make. Here is a sample of our group at the end of the last summer term. Only a handful of voices in the last meeting of the summer but we still managed some 3 part songs...

My aim is for the group to be an uplifting part of everyone's week. The idea for this choir has grown out of my singing groups of mums and babies. When the little ones have gone to school there are still mums who want to sing!

All are welcome....Mums, Dads, Grannies, Granddads and little ones too. There will be a box of toys to play with.

The choir costs £5 payable in half term blocks. £7 drop in. Come and give it a go!

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